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. Access your App from   anywhere, on any device

. Program the recording of       your events thanks to a   smart and interactive calendar

. Manage multiple rooms /   stages at once



. Create your time table

. Assign time slots to artists   to let them receive their   recordings automatically

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. Get access to your recordings in   real-time from your venue(s),   festival(s) or anywhere where   your Cloub recorders are located.

. Store in very high quality,     unlimitedly.

. Playback, edit, download and   share your recordings in a click.


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Sign in to our database and receive recordings of your concerts automatically and privately when performing in an equipped venue


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Schedule and centralize the recordings of your events around the world without moving from your office!

Get access to exclusive recordings straight from the Cloub network by rising and confirmed bands and Djs.

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 impressive high quality live music archives from the tiniest concerts venues to the biggest festivals.

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sound quality

Clear and dynamic audio recordings
DIGIPAD Input Volume Control
100 hours of internal memory
Autonomous offline mode
Wifi and Ethernet
Easy installation

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